Quick Questionnaire

Your answers to these 10 quick questions will help us develop new cooking, gardening and other information. Our goal is to offer more useful information in formats and at prices that make sense for you (and are viable for us).

1. Which do you prefer?:
 Static gardening books & cookbooks I can keep on a shelf Regularly updated paid subscription-based cooking & gardening websites Monthly or quarterly paid subscription eBook downloads similar to Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes

2. If you prefer books over websites, would you rather:
 Print it myself Read it on a device Have it printed & shipped to me Read it on a device & be able to print it Buy it at a bookstore

3. What do you think is a reasonable price for a comprehensive, printed "Diminishing Diabetes" garden-to-table book with recipes?
 $15 $20 $30 Free Other, please elaborate in #10

4. What annual subscription rate is reasonable to you for a regularly updated, printable website with gardening guides, recipes and more?
 Gardening access only: $9.95/year Recipe access only: $14.95/year Full Site access: $14.95/year It should be free Other, please elaborate in #10

5. What per-download rate is reasonable to you for a monthly or quarterly eBook similar to Grow, Cook, Eat to Diminish Diabetes?
 $5.00 $3.00 $.99 Free Other, please elaborate in #10

6. Would you be willing to help fund the development and maintenance of betterbloodsugar.info if that meant content would be free to others?
 Yes No Maybe

7. How would you be willing to fund the development and maintenance of betterbloodsugar.info?
 buying advertising space sponsorship crowd funding campaign subscription Other, please elaborate in #10

8. How did you find out about the betterbloodsugar.info website?

9. What do you want most from the betterbloodsugar.info site?

10. Please share your story or other thoughts on how we might help you via betterbloodsugar.info & why this program matters to you.

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