Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes

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Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes
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What people are saying.

“I made your blueberry lemon (grain & sugar) free muffins for the photo folks at Nordstrom and they LOVED them! … My son, Leo, loves them too (he is also diabetic). Keep up the good work, girl!”

Julie Kloss, Professional Baker, Caterer and Mom figuring out life with a newly diagnosed diabetic son

“I’d definitely make it again. Love anything with lemon, garlic, and olive oil. (This was my) first time eating sunchokes and (I) really enjoyed them. They had a naturally subtle sweetness to them and they had a slight crunch on the outside from roasting but a soft inside … sunchokes are a great side dish as they have a feel of potatoes in a way and can act as a “starch” for people that are used to having a starch… at a meal.”

Rachel Bulifant, MSNW, RD, Manager, Community Nutrition Bon Secours Richmond Health System

“REALLY GOOD. I mean, REALLY good. I loved especially that everything could come from my garden: butternut, kale, chili, and garlic. We will be making this again and again. I positively loved it. Smashing the garlic, salt and chili is a really smart way to blend the seasonings to evenly flavor the oil and coat the kale. I used to make something similar to this and use sambal oelek — this gets the heat without the sugar. Bravo.”

Mary Beth Shaddix, The Cooking Light Gardener

“This would be an easy recipe to cook with kids because making a dry rub is simple, and rubbing the chicken would be “fun”. It is also fun to…create your own bowl. This would fit well into our program, especially since we work with many diabetics. I often recommend lettuce, cabbage, kale, collard wraps/bowls/etc. Ingredients are all very simple and most would have around….”

Kelsey Miller, Program Coordinator, Dietitian, Class-A-Roll at Bon Secours Richmond Health System & Community

Our Diminishing Diabetes Story

Grow, Cook, Eat to Diminish DiabetesIn late Spring 2012, following a routine physical, my husband Bob’s doctor broke the scary news: our family now included one of over 29 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes; his was a Type-2 diabetes diagnosis. Rather than accept this as an irreparable condition, we began working to reverse Bob’s insulin resistance through a number of lifestyle changes. Honestly, it wasn’t easy in the beginning. Despite all the help our doctors provided, we found resources were slim, confusing and often contradictory. Often Bob and I felt like guinea pigs in an open-ended experiment.

So, we questioned everything, explored and studied. Very quickly we realized changing the food we eat meant changing our food garden as well. As a result, our garden has evolved into a living laboratory inclusive of common-to-unusual plant foods that fit our new foodie lifestyle and look fantastic.

In the hope of helping others more easily navigate a seed-to-fork path to better blood sugar, I am sharing our story, recipes, plant growing information and garden design tips. I want others to learn about edible plants we grow, how to design them into the garden and maintain them, and the delicious recipes we have developed — and will continue to develop — using whole foods that satisfy our taste for good eats and help us maintain balanced blood sugar.

The reality is: eating whole, homegrown foods for better blood sugar can be quick, simple and delicious!

I am not attempting to assess the nutritional needs of anyone. I am not setting priorities, goals or objectives toward meeting anyone’s nutritional needs. I am not providing nutrition counseling for any health issue or disease. And, I’m certainly not suggesting you ignore medical advice. In fact, we still rely on a number of medical advisers and always recommend everyone else do the same. But, I hope to encourage you to grow whole fresh foods, support local food economies, ditch the processed garbage masquerading as “food,” consult regularly with your trained medical advisers and eat delicious better blood sugar foods harvested from your own gorgeous garden and local farms. Each of us is unique, so there is no single solution that will work for everyone.

To begin, I am offering subscribers our top five recipes and top five plants to cultivate eBook Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes for FREE. Subscribe via the form at the top of this page, and download our eBook today for free!

Later, when we expand our offerings with additional recipes, gardening information and more, you’ll be among the first to know!

Join me at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 to attend my Grow, Cook & Eat to Diminish Diabetes seminar where I’ll share many more plants and recipe ideas, and I’ll be available for 1:1 discussion.

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